This is one 2” Range Pro Golf Tee in a re-usable case with one stake. Our Flexible rubber Practice Golf Tee will allow you to hit multiple baskets of golf balls off of it without having to chase or replace a conventional Tee or adjusting the Tee before each swing!

Tiger Woods Foundation, knows what they are doing when they use the Range Pro Golf Tee for their practice!

The Flexible Range Pro Golf Tee stakes in place allowing you to continue to strike the Tee while maintaining the same height and NOT needing to adjust the Tee on each swing. This Stay-In-Place Tee allows a user to gain muscle memory by allowing you to focus on your swing.
We set out to help the Golfers that practice; we came up with the winning combination of a practice Golf Tee that is now sought after by every High School & College Student! They realized the benefit of the Range Pro® Golf Tee in their every day routine.
The Range Pro comes in 4 Heights and we have a Special Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Tee, that helps give funds to help breast cancer research.

2" Range Pro Golf Tee, This is one 2" Range Pro Golf Tee in a re-usable case with one stake.

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