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Giving back to our community. Order where family is provided for.
We are here to help the small businesses in our community not take advantage of them.We provide the opportunity for local businesses to be found online allowing people to find the items they need local; or allowing them the option to pick up local if they need them in a pinch. Helping small businesses sell to an online group who is willing to support our local communities and families.


Provides you with a place to conduct your business online within your community, allowing everyone to have access to your local items. Giving everyone a platform to help the community find what you are selling and allowing the purchases to be made with ease. Our heart and passion is helping small businesses grow.


Our Company Focus is Investing in People and small businesses while bringing churches the means to bring LOVE into our communities. This Corporation is constantly building a better platform for people to engage in activities on the internet like; buying/selling, auction, chat, email, instant messaging, file/data transfer systems, message boards, advertisements, video, radio and all types of data sharing, storage and whatever else that God may lead us into. We create inventions and new products in many fields. Come GetOnBoard to join us and see all the ways we can do life together.


Love is > hate.
Love is > fear.
Love is > hurt.
Love is > evil.
Love is > deception.

Love is the Strongest form in this world. Love Conquerors all. Love fixes all. We will get back to LOVE. For each of us longs for LOVE. If you want strength, Love. You want to be feared, Love. You want power, Love. LOVE is above all things! For those that can Love will be the greatest of all, perfect Love casts out all fear!